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Semi Truck Buyer

We buy all types of trucks heavy or medium duty. Running, non running or wrecked. We’ll come to your trucks location and make you an offer with no obligation and no cost to you.

We Buy OTR Trucks

We buy Semi Trucks from OTR truck drivers. We’re aware of the important roll you play in the supply chain industry. You’ve been driving your trucks great distances all over the country. You’ve been practically living in your trucks for weeks at a time in some cases. We also know that trying to make money with your truck while spending money on repairs doesn’t make sense at a certain point. No matter what your trucks condition were ready to buy.

We Buy Medium Duty Trucks

We pay cash for Medium Duty Trucks from any trucking application. Regardless of it being a dry freight, food, utility, bucket, armored, refrigerated truck etc. Also, there are many reasons for wanting to sell your truck. Driver turn over is high nowadays and having a good truck just sitting doesn’t ad up for most people. Also having your truck in the shop can get in the way of your time sensitive deliveries. Whatever your reason we always have cash in hand ready to buy.

We Buy Salvage Trucks

We also buy semi trucks wrecked and/or salvaged. In traffic, sometimes you have to make a maneuver to get outta trouble and you wind up with more trouble than you started with. Front ends can get mangled and frames can get bent. The insurance company may give you money to repair it but you may prefer to just get a new truck. We come to your trucks location pay you cash and remove it. Even if the truck is not easily towable we can handle the transportation.

Where can I Sell My Semi Truck fast for Cash?

3 Semi trucks parked side by side
Three semi trucks parked side by side in a storage lot

“Where can I sell my Semi Truck fast and get cash in my hand today?” This was the question a friend asked me one day after listing his truck for sale. The feedback he got after answering the phone at least 30 times and showing his truck to 10 different people wasn’t exactly what he wanted to hear. He heard everything from, this truck isn’t exactly what I’m looking for. To, I want to buy the truck but I only have half the money now and would like to make payments for the rest. Although It was frustrating, he realized that being a truck salesman wasn’t the job for him. He said ” I just don’t understand why it’s so frustrating to sell my semi truck”.

What Do I Need to Sell My Commercial Truck

Although our goal is to make selling your truck easy and convenient. With this in mind, we only need a few things from you to make this possible. Most importantly we need the title. In other words the title is required, that means under no circumstance can we buy your truck without the title. We also need the vehicle description, a few pictures and the condition of the truck in order to give you an estimate. In addition to those details we may need to do an inspection of the truck to give you a final price.

How Much can I Get for my Medium Duty or Semi Truck?

Ultimately the value of your semi truck depends on the model, engine, mechanical condition, physical condition and the mileage. Similarly, medium duty trucks go through the same considerations in addition to the trucks application. Please take a little time to find out these details. As a matter of fact if you’re having difficulties figuring these things out we’d be happy to help.

We Buy Complete Trucks

Overall we buy just about any commercial truck as long as its a complete truck. To clarify, complete means it should have all the mechanical parts and body parts. Although sometimes body parts like bumpers fenders or tires may be missing because of an accident. Generally speaking, that’s ok with us. On the contrary, what we don’t want are people selling parts off of their truck and then trying to sell us the rest.

We Buy all Types of Trucks Running, Non-running or Salvage

Regardless of condition, we’ll buy just about any kind of medium duty or heavy duty truck. As long as it’s a complete truck and you have the title, we’ll make you an offer with no obligations and no cost to you. Furthermore we’ll come to your semi truck’s location and not only do we take care of the towing but we also provide you with cash on the spot or a cashier’s check, depending on your own personal preference. As you can tell, we promise high quality customer service with speedy turnaround time. Contact us today by completing our quote form or giving us a call. With this in mind, you have nothing to lose except you’re old, damaged or unwanted truck!


Old 18 wheeler in the salvage yard with the hood off
This Semi Truck has some mechanical issues

In conclusion selling a used commercial truck for cash is easy. By all means we’re interested in buying your semi truck or vocational truck, no matter the weight class, model, fuel type, transmission style, etc. Consequently we’ll come out to your semi trucks location whether its at a shop, truck stop, or in your driveway. Not only do we pay you cash for your truck in hand but we take full responsibility for transporting the truck. Give us a call at (404) 453-1427 or fill out our quote request form below.

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