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We Buy Trailers of All Kinds!

Big Ugly Truck, your trusted partner not only for trucks and truck parts, but also for selling trailers of all types. Our extensive experience in the trucking industry positions us uniquely to offer competitive prices for your trailers, regardless of their type or condition. Here, we detail our trailer purchasing services, emphasizing our commitment to providing a hassle-free, fair, and efficient selling experience.

Big Ugly Truck

A Wide Range of Trailers We Purchase

At Big Ugly Truck, we understand that the trailer market is as diverse as the loads they carry. That’s why we’re interested in a broad spectrum of trailer types, including but not limited to:

Agricultural Trailers

Essential for the farming and agricultural sector, these trailers transport everything from produce to equipment.

Dry Van Trailers

Essential for the farming and agricultural sector, these trailers transport everything from produce to equipment.

Car Carriers

Designed to transport vehicles safely and efficiently, whether for commercial or personal use.

Dump Trailers

Key for construction and landscaping projects, allowing for easy loading and unloading of materials.

Chassis Trailers

The backbone for container shipping,
facilitating the transport of
heavy containers.

Low Bed Trailers

Also known as lowboys, these are crucial for hauling heavy equipment and machinery.

Platform Trailers

Flatbeds and other platform trailers offer versatility for oversized loads or equipment.

Specialty Trailers

Custom trailers designed for specific industrial or commercial needs.

Recreational Trailers

Including campers and RVs, enabling adventures and travel.

Tank Trailers

For liquid transport, whether for industrial chemicals, water, or fuel.

Reefer Trailers

Refrigerated trailers for transporting perishable goods.

Utility Trailers

The all-purpose trailers for general hauling needs, from tools to landscaping equipment.

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Selling your trailer doesn’t have to be a challenge. At Big Ugly Truck, we’re here to make the process simple, transparent, and rewarding. Whether you’re upgrading, downsizing, or simply looking to sell, we’re interested in purchasing your trailer.

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Why Sell Your Trailer to Big Ugly Truck?

Choosing Big Ugly Truck as your trailer selling partner comes with numerous advantages:

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