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How It Works

Our Goal is to Make It a No Hassle Truck Sale

1. Reach Out: Start by giving us a call or filling out our quote request form. We’ll get back to you in no time.

2. Share Some Snaps: Send us photos of both the inside and outside of your truck. This helps us gauge its condition and value.

3. Truck Details Matter: Let us know about your truck’s mechanics, mileage, and basics. We’re talking engine type, transmission speeds, and the like.

4. Show Us the Title: Snap a picture of your truck’s title. Remember, we need this to make the purchase.

5. Let’s Meet Up: Once we’ve given an estimated price, we’ll set a time to visit your truck for an inspection.

6. Finalizing the Deal: Agree on a price? Great! We’ll hand over cash on the spot or any payment method you prefer.

7. Ready to Roll: Hopefully, your truck is cleared of personal items because, in most cases, we’ll transport it right after buying.

8. Seal the Deal: Hand over the title and keys, and you’re all set. The truck is now ours, and you have cash in hand.