North Carolina

North Carolina Junk Truck Buyer

Too often truck sellers waste time trying to sell their tractor trailers or trucking equipment. Auctions are too unpredictable. Maybe the right buyer won’t show up. Private buyers are risky. How can you be sure that the check will clear for your expensive Class 8 truck?


We Buy Big Ugly Trucks

Make your life easier by selling your truck to Commercial Truck Buyer. In the junk business for over 10 years, we’re the trustworthy truck buyer who can give you a hassle-free sale. With our long-standing reputation, you can trust us to offer you a competitive, no-obligation quote.

We also customize your payment option to meet your needs. Want cash in hand or a cashier’s check? No problem! We like making our customers happy, so we drive to wherever you are in North Carolina and offer free towing. It really is a hassle-free sale! Don’t just take our word for it. Give us a call or complete our quote form to start the sale process today!

Any Truck.
Any Condition.

Commercial Truck Buyer is your best option for your North Carolina truck sale because we buy ALL trucks. Got a broken down tractor trailer? We’ll take it! Need to sell a big rig that’s too expensive to fix? We want that, too.

Commercial Truck Buyer is interested in any complete truck regardless of weight class, model, fuel type, transmission style, etc. Our only requirement is that you have the title. If you’ve got that, sell us your heavy duty truck, medium duty, light duty or specialty truck.

Used Ryder truck on the road

Perhaps you’re a retired farmer or fleet owner. You’ll be happy to know we also buy your trucking equipment, construction equipment, industrial equipment and farming equipment. Don’t leave your truck or equipment sale up to chance. Call Commercial Truck Buyer today for a trustworthy truck buyer who will leave you with cash in hand and a smile on your face.

Join the many happy customers of Commercial Truck Buyer today! Give us a call at 404-453-1427 or use our online quote form today!