Hassle-Free Tennessee Truck Sales

When your tractor trailer gets in an accident, you may feel helpless. The repairs may be too expensive or you may worry that no one will want to salvage your truck. If you have a truck loan, you may need quick funds to minimize your payments. No matter your situation, Commercial Truck Buyer is the truck solution you need.


Sell your Truck to Commercial Truck Buyer!

Commercial Truck Buyer makes Tennessee truck sales easy. With over a decade in the junk buying business, we’ve proven ourselves to be the reliable buyer who offers top dollar prices.

When you semi breaks down or you have no use for your trucking equipment, just give us a quick call or complete our no-obligation quote form. As long as you have the title, we’ll come to your location and provide free towing.

We like to offer our customer payment options to meet their needs. You choose whether you want cash in hand or a cashier’s check.

You have nothing to lose except your old, used or broken down truck. Contact Commercial Truck Buyer today!

Commercial Truck Buyer Wants to Buy Your Truck

You may think it’ll be hard to sell your truck. Auctions have selective audiences and private buyers may only want a certain class of truck. Not the case with Commercial Truck Buyer. We buy all models, weight classes, fuel types, transmission types, etc. We’ll buy:

  • Class 7 and Class 8 Heavy Duty Trucks
  • Medium Duty Trucks in Classes 4-6
  • Light Duty Trucks in Classes 1-3
  • Specialty trucks like refrigerator trucks, dump trucks, garbage trucks, flatbed trucks, etc.
  • Equipment from the trucking industry, construction industry, agricultural industry and more!

When you’re ready to make a sale, give us a call or complete our online form. Commercial Truck Buyer is ready and waiting to buy your truck!

Small, light-duty truck in a salvage yard

Join the many happy customers of Commercial Truck Buyer today! Give us a call at 404-453-1427 or use our online quote form today!